A New School...New Friends...And a New Life

High school freshman Vivian Finch is ready for a fresh start. After a year of gossip and rumors leads to a falling- out with her best friend, the fifteen-year-old finds herself all alone in a new school. That is, until she meets Riley. Riley and her friends are cool, daring, and rebellious-and when they give Viv the chance to join in their adventures, how can she resist? Especially as she finds herself growing closer and closer to a certain boy in the group: shy, handsome Reid . . .

But a night of drunken fun leads to serious consequences, and for Viv and Reid, nothing will ever be the same. The Bump is an honest and emotional portrait of teen pregnancy and its bittersweet struggle. Author and high school student Lauren Castleton connects to the characters as only a fellow teenager can as she follows Viv through a life-changing year. There are no easy outs, but there is always hope. There are mistakes and consequences, but love and friendship, too. Viv must learn to be strong. She must learn who her true friends are. And she must learn who she is-for it's only in times of adversity that we find our true selves.




© 2015 Lauren Castleton